About Me


Who Am I ?

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and born in 1985. I joined the military straight out of high school where I qualified as a pilot. After tours of duty at a transport squadron I settled back in Cape Town as a maritime patrol pilot. In my spare time during my service I studied part-time until I obtained an Honours in English. I completed my first novel, “The Call of the Void”,  in 2017. When I am not working or writing I am usually pursuing my other great passion, gaming. Other than that I try and carve out time for my family.

I am married to a wonderful woman and we have a son.


“The Call of the Void more than exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed accompanying the main character on his journey as he tries to find his way home in a completely unprecedented situation. The world that he finds himself in is unlike anything that I had read about before, and kept my interest throughout. Through all the twists and turns that the story took I found myself wanting to “just see what happens in the next chapter”. Once or twice I even had a physical reaction to an event in the story. Would I recommend this book to a friend? I already have. To a few of them. Would I read it again? Certainly. For his debut novel I think that Jayden L. King did a fantastic job, and I look forward to reading his next work.”

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